About us

Who we are

“IDN Contract” is a company, bringing together the professional team, which provides interior design, furniture trade as well as building contract and maintenance services.  

We offer our clients not only furniture for restaurants, cafés, offices or hotels, but also general contracting services and interior design related process management. Our qualified professionals will not only react quickly to all of your concerns, but will also help to solve various problems, related to project implementation. You don’t have to worry about the details – that way you save both time and money!

Long-standing experience

 „IDN Contract” knowledge is based on several decades of experience, while installing the most complex objects in the public sector. Our objective is to implement projects in such way that the maximum result would be reached. The company never did and never will agree to the compromises concerning work quality, price and implementation period, that is why we are valued by our clients, and the projects entrusted to us is the best proof.

The knowledge, acquired by the company in the public sector, was started to be applied a few years ago in order to ensure the best quality service in the private sector as well. The majority of projects are implemented by working with the company’s tried and trusted partners, who view the work quality as the main and inviolable value.

Since we have acquired a long-standing experience in the contract project management field, our company is considered to be reliable by the clients not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. We pride ourselves on our implemented projects in Moscow, Baden-Baden, Brussels, London, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Almaty, Omsk, Lutsk, Minsk and other Eastern and Western European cities.