Apartment in Vilnius, 2014

Warm and cool, black and white, old and new – this is what a full of contrasts 161 m2 two-storey apartment looks like. In the background of achromatic colours clear strict lines overlap with classical stylistic details. The warm spectrum lighting in all of the apartment provides warmth and comfort to the apartment interior with dominant white colour. The main highlight of the living space in the first floor is a dynamic warm-cool spectrum lighting composition. It creates the play of dynamic light lines, which spreads throughout the white space resembling the morning glow. The lamps, created especially for this project, are unique in the way they visually disappear on the flat wall when the lights go off – this is because they are covered with the same material as the wall. In the daytime the living space is filled with fuchsia colour accents that bring playfulness to it. The line motives spread to the second floor as well. The stairs with the black rail line takes you to three second-floor bedrooms. The massive almost 5 metre height hallway space on the second floor contrastingly combines the exposed old brick wall with cold glass inserts and strict light lines shedding the warm light throughout the space. In the bathroom the recurring achromatic colour lines, covered with epoxy, create the playful patterns in the sea colour background.
Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas